Ranger by Megan / Megan

We had saw an ad in the paper that said, “Golden Retriever puppies for sell.” So, we decided to go “look” and we went and saw them they were cute. Every week we would go to see them my birthday was getting closer. I had asked my mom and dad if we could get him and they said, “Um I will think about it”.

Like 2 weeks my birthday was here and we went to go look for cars and we went to go see the puppies we got there and there was a puppy with a ribbon around it’s neck. I said the people who are getting him are lucky to get him. Then my dad said he was mine. I did not believe him and he really did mean it, so we thought about names on the way home and
we came up with “Ranger”

I love him and I promised him that I would never forget him and now I will never forget him. He is always gonna be the one and only loved really bad by me. If he can hear me I LOVE him so much. We are going to see each other sooner or later in our life. All of this will be in my mind for ever and it will never be forgotten because
it was the greatest time of my life.