Dusty-loo by LLGDUSTYS / Mom

Dusty was a loving mother she gave birth to three litters’ of kittens during her life time.
I have fond memories of her babies.
One time when she was about to give birth I knew she had no special hiding place to go. I told her to go under Cory’s bed in a warm dark corner where she felt safe. She did just that. She understood what I told her. The next morning Cory woke up to crying kittens under his bed.
I remember when the babies were old enough to climb all over the table and knock the answering machine down setting it off- They were very curious about the beeping sound and wondered where the invisible voice came from. This amused them for hours.

I remember one other litter of kittens were pure white like snow. I wanted to keep each one for her sake. But knew that was impossible. One kitten kept crying constantly. Keeping us awake all night. We found out that it was a Persian. Eventually they all grew out of the box and we sold them to the pet store. Where I knew they went to good homes.
I remember the last litter of kittens she had in my husband’s dresser drawer. On top of his clothes. I knew she was looking for a hiding place and saw her climb in there one morning and never came out. I knew it was soon time for her to give birth. Sure enough late one night when we were all asleep. We heard babies crying. We went to check on them but one unforately died. The rest were hairless and healthy. We kept a watchful eye on them. In due time they also grew. They all started to look like her. Once again I wanted to keep one. But knew that was not a good idea. They were all adoreable. I loved each one. I was sad to see they all go to the pet store once again. To find loving homes. I knew that would be her last liter. I gave her a good chance for mother hood. I thought it was only fair for her. To be able to experience that. It was time to get her fixed. She was a good mother.
But now she’s with all her little babies in peace. I’m glade I gave her that chance.
I wish I knew what happened
I wish I had the answers
I pray but never get a reply-
Why did you leave me? Why did you die?
My loyal friend- I would like to believe it was your time
Your spirit will remain in this house
I miss you very much- My heart is full of sadness-
You are now my angel friend –
You are in a place where many others will look after you-
Go in peace- my friend.
By Laura Grabinsky©Dec.-29-07


Love Forever,
24, Dec 2007