Dustyn Rolfe by Evelyn Newman

My Dustyn, My D.R., My BooBoo, My Best Friend,
Oh how, oh how was I to know that nite would be the end.
Your life on earth is over now, you’re in heaven up above,
You’ll always and forever be my precious, precious love.

I loved you when I first saw you, oh how cute you were,
Big brown eyes, little short tail, silky, soft black fur.
You knew I was your Mommy, wouldn’t let me outta sight,
Soon you learned to whimper so you could sleep with me at night.

D.R., I love you so much and I know that I’ve been blessed,
God gave me 13 wonderful years with you and now you are at rest.
You gave me unconditional love, happiness and joy,
You never caused me any pain – you were my favorite boy!

I want you to go run and play with the new friends you will meet,
I know there’s many fun things to do and lots of good treats to eat.
Please don’t be sad, I’ll miss you too but Mommie will be okay,
God has promised eternity so we’ll be together again someday.

We’ll run and play and have lots of fun,
We’ll snack, take naps – you can lay in the sun.
I’ll rub your belly and hold you tight,
Again we’ll get to sleep together every night.

There will be no more tears in heaven, we’ll have smiles upon our face,
This I know because of our Dear Lord’s loving grace.
We’ll be together forever, never again shall we apart,
But til we meet again my Boy, you’ll live forever in my heart!


I Love You and Miss You,
Dustyn Rolfe
30, Dec 2004
Evelyn Newman