HANS by Jackie & Al Ricca / Mama

As Mother’s Day approaches, as the day draws near, one of my cherubs is gone, how I wish that Hans was here.

I may not have given birth to him, but I loved him like a son, for all the blessings he gave me, I am thankful for each one.

Not a single day passes that he isn’t on my mind, strong in stature, gentle in spirit, my “special needs child”, my “one of a kind”.

He taught me so much about myself and what I am capable of, although no longer here on earth, he continues his work from above.

How I’d love to kiss that big soft cheek, feel his face pressed against mine, to see his smile, smell his popcorn feet, to even hear him whine.

Sometimes on slumber party night I pretend that he is near, I take my hand from under the covers, reach to the floor, but he’s not there.

Cleaning the house just isn’t the same, he followed me from room to room, he knew not to walk on the wet kitchen floor and he loved to bark at the vacuum.

On the outside I put on a pretty good front, but inside my heart is in pain, how my heart crys out for him, how I want him home again.

Heartwrenching it was to let him go, but we had to do what was best, we took away his suffering and let our baby rest.

The true extent of what he meant, he may never know, I hope he hears my thoughts and prayers and knows how much I miss him so.

He graced me with unconditional love, with constant admiration and praise, he showered my world with sunshine and joy with his sweet precious ways.

The tears and pain of losing him certainly can’t outweigh, the “seven” lucky years we had and the happiness he brought to each day.

Sweet memories that come to mind bring a smile to my face, sweet thoughts of him and him alone, no one will ever take his place.


My Sweet Bubba, I carry you with me always in my heart
22, Nov 2002
Jackie & Al Ricca