Dutchess by Christie and Marissa / Mommy and Sissy

I will never forget the day I found you and O’malley along side the road. Two sick, maggot egg covered babies in need of a mom!

I thank you for allowing me to be that Mom for almost 10 years Dutchess, I hope that all the love I showed, even though most of time you wouldn’t let me, showed you how important you were to us!

My Poem for Dutchess
On the side of the road, a kitten with your brother, hungry and sick
A place in my heart, you both claimed, pretty quick

For nine and half years, your prescnce was a blessing to feel
Though, scared you’d run, when beside you I tried to kneel

Never able to hold you so close as to feel your heart beat
Just being allowed to pet you was considered a real treat

White as snow, one of eye of green, the other of blue
I’d give anything to hear, your soft, sweet, mew

You died in those same arms, you would never before lay
That I loved you, that I miss, you know, I do pray

Not scared anymore, as home, my little angel has flown
Together we’ll be again and Heavenly Father, Thanks for the loan.

Christie L. Creager
May 12, 2005


Missing you every day!
Christie and Marissa