Midnight by Christie and Marissa / Mommy and Sissy

We found you with, Muffin, just a day or two old. We tried to save you, to make you part of the family. It wasn’t meant to be and with Muffin, to heaven you went.

My heart broke that day, I wish I could have been with you. I miss what could of been, what should of been and pray that finding you didn’t prolong any suffering and that you with us long enough to feel love, to know love and that it was your key to the bridge and you didn’t have to wait for the next rescuer before you could enter true heaven. You deserve it. You, Muffin and Your mom ( whomever she was) deserved more than the humans in your life gave you.

I am sorry I didn’t have more of a chance to make that up to you. Regardless of how short your time and Muffin’s time was PLEASE know and let her know, that you both were loved and will always be!


We love you, both of you
Christie and Marissa