Dylan by Mark & Stephanie / Mom, Dad, Jess & Amanda


You came to us a handsome young guy.
You sat outside a window to cry,
Left out in the cold to fend for your self
We brought you in to restore your health.
We thought you could no longer speak.
You slept peacefully for a whole week.
Then we learned after a week’s time,
You were playful and your voice was fine!
The howls you made were so strange it’s true.
We busted out in laughter at you.
Soon we discovered that you were proud
There could be no more laughing out loud.
The looks that you made could tell a tale.
Happy, sad, disgusted, angry, frail,Jealous, playful, relaxed, that was you.
We were amazed at all you could do.
In our home you were the only one.
One day we thought you needed someone.
We brought home a tiny striped kitten
It was clear with her you weren’t smitten.
We decided to name her Suze.
She wanted you for a new mommy.
You decided then that you should be
More mature and not act playfully.
She picked and poked and prodded at you
Until you had to show her you’re through!P.I.T.A. was the nickname we gave her
For how we knew she could make you stir.
Jess and Amanda were next to come.
We thought with them you would come undone.
You surprised us by jumping in bed
With Jessica at the foot of her bed.
You came to treasure your time with Dad.
His belly rubs were the best you’d had
Anxiously at the door you would wait
Hoping that Dad would not come home late.
By many you were misunderstood
Not letting others see that you could
Be so loving, caring and tender.
Others thought love you could not render.
Kisses on the head we will recall.
Goosey was the name we’d like to call.
White fur, orange spots, four double paws,
We loved you in spite of urine flaws.
You spent all day licking your fur clean.
A whiter cat we had never seen.
This is how you’ll be etched in our minds.
We’ll always remember the good times.


We love you and we'll miss you so much.
2, June 2008
Mark & Stephanie