Ebony by Merri & Steve



March 1985 ----- October 22 1999






Come dry your eyes now Dearheart and try to smile for me,

As you remember just how wonderful our lives used to be.


My life was full; my days were long,

I had joy in my heart and the world heard my song.


I had home and hearth and a family true,

And I always had many fun cat things to do.


Like lying in the sunshine on the windowsill,

Watching all the birds as they came to eat their fill.


Or riding in the hammock as you held me in your lap,

Was an especially warm and cozy place for me to take a nap.


Sleeping by the fire nestled in my sleigh,

Watching falling snowflakes on a cold winter day.


Or held in your arms my favorite place to be,

You always had such silly songs; you sang them just for me.


I know you feel I've left you to cross a distant shore.

Yet even though I'm gone from you I couldn't love you more!


I've crossed on over Rainbow Brdige; I've gone to blaze a trail,

But I'll always be here waiting for you to set your sail.


So until that day Dearheart when your journey has an end,

Please know I hold you in my heart my love to you I send.


Forever yours Ebony


"Once an angel then treasured friend all our love Sweet Eb we send!"



























Merri & Steve