Ebony by Sue Weston / Mama

My sweet girl, Ebony, how I miss you. It’s been 7 months since you left me for the Bridge; and it still feels like only this morning that I held you close as you left this world.

From that first moment we met – you running and yapping right up into my arms – I knew we would be always together.

The veil that separates us now is just a mist, and it will not sever what we share together. You are just a breath away, waiting for me. Your ears are brushed back with the breezes flowing past them – and you’re woofing at everyone who passes by, keeping an ever watchful eye for me.

Be patient, my Spotted White Paw, because in a moment – in an instant – we’ll see each other from a distance, and running toward each other the gap will narrow – and with nothing more to ever separate us we’ll roll and play together, holding each other close. Then, side by side, we’ll gather our other loved ones to us and together we’ll cross
the Bridge into eternity.


All my love and snuggles,
5, Mar 2007
Sue Weston