Eggie by Susan Oberhaus / Always My Love,


Dear Eggie,

You are missed so much, but now you are free; free to play with an effortless, agile, and pain free life. Chase your basketballs all you want! You are happy, safe and secure, with Diamond and Rommel once again.

We thank you for giving us so much; your happy drools and bubbles, wonderful enthusiasm of life, woo-woo songs, thinking you were a lap dog, and climbing trees! We will always love you; the happiest friend of all.

You take care dear friend and son, play and run hard like you always enjoyed, but now with endless boundaries. Enjoy being the greatest athlete again. No more special diets, eye ulcers, cancers or heart troubles. We shall all be together again one day, but meanwhile, you, and the others,
are never forgotten.


Never Forgotten,
23, Jan 2006
Susan Oberhaus