RB by Lynn & Scott / Grandma, Grandpa, Buddy

RB our sweetest little girl in the whole wide world. Our Miracle dog, who was diagnosed with pancreas cancer two years ago. It was a bad year for us your grandma, was fighting breast cancer, your brother buford and baby boy both died of cancer in 2004. I know you stayed to make sure your grandma would not give up.

RB you always made sure your grandpa were secure. RB you always were happy and gentle to everyone. We are at peace that you somehow knew it was time for you to go and you found your siblings, and they helped you across to Rainbow Bridge. We know you are not alone and are pain free and with your mom La, Squirrell, Buford, Baby Boy, Sweet Pea, Sunny. Grandma & Grandpa will meet you at the bridge and once again we shall be together but forever. RB We love you so much!


All our love,
14, Feb 2006
Lynn & Scott