Dec. 25 1988 — Still with Me.

West Highland Terrier

Einstein is my little white terrier that has so much love

in his heart born on Christmas day.

I got Einstein from the Human Society after losing my precious

dog Faith to cancer after thirteen years.

Einstein was only 6 months old when I got him he had been abused.

With a lot of love he became the most precious little guy.

He has two sisters too; Betsy my Sheltie and Sara my cat!

We all love him so dearly.

Einstein was diagnosed with bladder cancer after undergoing

numerous tests. He is such a little trooper!

The doctor said he isn’t in pain.

He is on medication now the saddest thing is knowing

he is dying of cancer.

The doctor told me the longest he has seen a dog live with this

type of cancer is 18 months on the medication.

I was devastated to hear that I was going to lose my

baby boy Einstein.

I treasure every minute that I have with him

I know that God has a plan – he was kind enough to let me

know that my time with Einstein will come to an end soon and

to appreciate every precious moment I have left with him.

When it’s time for him to go to heaven

I will rest assured – he will be loved and that he

will be waiting for me.

I love you now and forever my baby Einstein.