Elmo by Holly / Mommy

It’s been almost a month since your passing little Elmo. It never seems to get any better. Things are so different now. I miss you so much. I can’t seem to stop thinking of you. Even though you was only with me a short 3 years, you brought endless love into my life. You were like my son. I still can’t believe you’re gone. I pray everyday that when you passed you weren’t scared or in pain. The only comfort I get now is knowing you’re no longer suffering seizures. It broke my heart everyday to see you going through that. I’m so sorry I couldn’t have done something more. I miss you so much Mo Mo. I miss the way you would
look at me with those big brown eyes.

I miss the way you would beg and the way you would push my hand with your nose wanting to be petted. When you died, a piece of me died. My heart feels so empty. I loved you so much, I still do. I always will.


I miss you so much,