Our friend of almost 12 years died june 20th 1997.

Now almost a year later the pain is still there.

Elsa was a great dog a loving dog as if she always knew

how you felt a comfort in more ways then a human often could be.

We were the ones who had to decide that she had to die for

she was in much pain too much for our beloved dog to carry.

It was the hardest thing we ever had to do.

We thought the pain of loosing her would never go away.

It doesn’t go away but it helps to find such wonderful places

on the internet where you can share your loss.

I received the Rainbow Bridge and I awake from a close

friend the same evening that Elsa died.

It was such a wonderful experience to see a site which was

dedicated to pets that die.

Before then I had never even heard of such things.

Since then I have seen more and the latest was the In Memory of Pets

site which is also as the Rainbow Bridge a real comfort.

I will cherish the poetry and even have it printed out and

put in the scrapbook I had made especially for Elsa.

I really believe that sites like these help a lot of people

out there who loose their special *friends*.

I found great comfort in these sites and hope that alot of

people across the world also will feel the warmth know that

one day their beloved pets will be reunited with them.

Even though we have a new dog who we love very much

Elsa will always have a special place in our hearts.

As Cindy our new dog also will for we know that there will be

a day that we also have to say goodbye to her.

Knowing there are so many caring people out there

makes a lot of difference.

Betty van Tulden