Elvis James by Marci R. Stephens / Your Mom

In June 2005 this big eared puppy stole my heart. I wasn’t looking for him, but had got him for my daughter who had lost her little chihuahua. She saw him at a flea market and came home telling us about him. She was going to leave that day to go back home to her dad’s where she lived. We hurried down to the flea market and bought the dog, but I told her if her dad didn’t allow the dog to stay inside, I wouldn’t allow her to take him home with her because he was so small. Well, he didn’t and I was true to my word and took him home with me. He was weak and it was a Sunday evening. He seemed so sick all of a sudden and it scared me to death. I took a baby blanket and wrapped it around him. I held and rocked him all night until the vet opened. We found out he was hyperglycemic. A little honey and he was all better. The little dog was attached to me. I would put him down and he would beg me to hold him. Looking into those big brown eyes, I was lost to him hook, line, & sinker. For over three years he was my buddy and little shadow.

A tragic accident took him from me a few days ago and I have been heartbroken since. I miss him more than words can say. He was a gift from above. Your work here is done, Little Man for God needs you there in heaven. I will love and miss you until the end of time. Your paw prints are forever embedded into my heart. I love you, Snerb!


Until I see you again,
Elvis James
Marci R. Stephens