Elwood by Hannah Wilkinson / Your Friend, Hannah

From the time I was a few mounths old I loved Elwood I would crawl on him and sleep and he would let me sleep for hours.

When I was about three my dad alway’s said, “Don’t touch her blank, Elwood!” He would put his paw on my blank to protect me.

But he would run away for two weeks and then come back. Then we went somewhere and I forgot to chain him up and he ran away after a few weeks I gave up hope.

I was hoping that he would come back but he never did.

When he diden’t come back I was very sad.
I had no friend to pet when I was sad or on a rainey day.
So about eight or nine mounths later we got my dog, Jed.
But there is always a place for Elwood in my heart.


Always in my heart,
Hannah Wilkinson