Emily by Debbie R / Mommy

We rescued Emily from a shelter when she was 10 years old. My daughter convinced me to adopt her otherwise they would put her to sleep. So Emily joined our family . She may have been old, but she was smart, well trained and very loving. She became very good friends with my pug and for may years they were always together. Emily got along with everyone
and always had to be where we were. Emily brought alot of joy to our family and I am glad she was happy while she was here. We had Emily for 7 years, which I consider a blessing and now our house is empty without her waddling around. Emily passed away at age 17 and boy , I guess sometimes you just begin to think they will live forever because they are such an important part of you and your life. I mess her terribly and thank God for bringing her to me.


Love you forever Emmie
Debbie R