Eric by Karen



July 17 1984 ----- October 23 1999

Shih Tzu




Although we were strangers on October 23rd a Saturday,

You saw the pain in my eyes and tried to take it away.

You knew the sorrow of feeling your best friend was about to die.

You knew I was afraid of having to say goodbye.

You took your time to explain the options and what you thought was best,

But you knew that Eric's body had made the decision to rest.

You were patient and kind even though others waited to see you,

You knew this was a difficult day for me to decide what to do.

You gave your all to help me make it through this time,

You shared with me that you had known similar feelings to mine.

You knew I loved Eric with every beat of my heart,

You knew the hole it would create for us to be apart.

You offered to let him be buried there on your land,

You gave me the strength to do what I had to and even held my hand.

I know now that God planned these moments you see,

Because Eric's angel is you Dr. Brown and friends forever we will be.



Karen L. Spanyer




In Loving Memory of Eric

July 17 1984 - October 23 1999