I recall the day in June many years ago when I first saw you. A fire in your heart and the devil in your eyes surely confidence and cunning would mark your style. You were handsome with a constutution of granite marvelous instincts and a zest for life. My heart you won by the force of your personality.

I knew your every movement and you knew my every thought. Through the years with life’s twists and turns our bond was forged our relationship like no other one. Time passed leaving its mark on you and I often leaving me to wonder why?

You grew ill your sprit did not waiver it did not bend. My wish for you calm and peace and that I would be with you at your journeys end. One day I found you in your favorite place death had done its deed.

You were gone I know not how or if you looked for me to ease your pain my old pal. Your memory lives within me it helps to fill the void left by your passing.

I smile when I think of you but long for you all the while. One day too I will crossover and be with all I have loved and lost so I also know I will find you.



12, Oct 2001