Erica’s Cherokee Bruiser by Erica / Erica

Bruiser was more than a dog, he was my best friend, he was my son. He would do anything, he would act the fool just to make you laugh and smile. Such a sweet, pure heart mixed up in this world of ours. He was my light. He kissed my tears away all those times and always tried to be my protector, even when there was nothing really to protect me from.

He was kind, he loved everyone and everything. He did not understand when people where scared of him. He thought everyone should love him. My heart is broken and torn with the loss of you my son. I will never forget you, nothing shall ever replace you in my heart – for my heart is with you. May you rest forever in happiness. I miss you. I love you, you brought so much life to me in just your six short years.

I remember bringing you home when you were so tiny, only 10 lbs. You brought life to everything you touched. I would give anything to have you back. We shall never forget.


Your Loving Momma,
Erica's Cherokee Bruiser
14, Oct 2005