Smokey by Anne, Lisa and John / Annie

My sweet boy, Smokey,

You were so special. Everyone who knew you said that about you. There was something extraordinary about your soul. When we found you, you were the ugly runt of the litter. Like the story, you turned into the most beautiful swan. You were handsome – everyone said so. We couldn’t give you up because we were afraid you wouldn’t be taken care of. Instead, you changed our lives. One of the most endearing things about you was how much you loved your momma Chili. She rebuffed you and hit you,
but you loved her always.

I know I need to be grateful that you were with us at the end and you didn’t suffer at all, but it doesn’t ease the shock and sorrow of your sudden and unexpected death. You slept with me every night and woke me up every morning. I could count on you for your devotion and love. I said you got cuter everyday. I asked what I did to deserve an angle like you. Mom said she never saw a cat as devoted to one person before. You were sent to me from heaven and I know I will see you again there. I will always love you.


I am your girl Smokey, forever and always
17, Oct 2005
Anne, Lisa and John