Everette by Robert



January 20 1991 ----- Jebruary 16 2000


My precious little Everette passed

from my life on February 16 2000.

He was the sweetest little cuddle bug

you could have ever known.

He gave me so many sweet memories

and it is so difficult to not have him around.

I buried him in my back yard next to Jennifer

another sweet pom that I had.

As a matter of fact Everette was a gift to ease my pain

when Jen died and oh how he made

that grief bearable.

I still have two more pom's (Abbey & Maggie)

but Everette was my heart.

He was sick for about 2 years with a constant cough

that was controlled with medication

but his little heart just couldn't bear the strain.

How these little animals can capture our hearts

is one of the true pleasure of life

but when we lose them

it is a grief that words cannot express.

I will keep him in my heart always and

thank this avenue for a place

to spill my thoughts in the passing

of my precious Everette the sweetest kindess

loving pup I had the honor

of sharing time with.