Tyson by Robert



August 17 1993 ----- May 25 2000


"Tyson" (Johnston's Iron Mike Tyson)

Tyson Passed away May 25 2000.

He was 6 1/2 years old. Tyson was born on August 17 1993 in Alpine CA

to Ch Vanlares DD Schutzengel and Kalar's CoCo Bonn Rostock.

Tyson was adopted when he was 8 weeks old and

taken to his new home in Mission Hills.

He enjoyed such activities as barking sleeping eating and

guarding the family home.

Tyson was known by many names some of which are as follows:

Little guy Little guy The chancellor Fred The baby bull

Boutrous Boutrous Growlie The handsome stranger

The brown eyed handsome man

The little dude and others...

He was always there to greet his family and friends

with a big smile and kisses

Tyson loved nothing more than to be at home with his family.

He was loved very much and will be greatly missed and

always remembered.

Tyson is survived by his sister Saki the Akita

his adopted father Robert and his

adopted grandparents Dee Ann and Charlie.