EZ & RIPLEE NIELSEN by Julie Nielsen-Adriansen / Julie

It took about 20 hours after my dogs went to rest that it came to me. The reason I miss them so profoundly. As I said it outlound, I couldn’t stop the tears. “They were the one thing constant thing in my life that was always good”. “They were what I had going for me”. This is not meant to express self pity or in imply that I don’t thank God everyday for all of my blessings. That is just the long and short of what they gave me. They made a sad day happy, they loved and protected me when no one else knew I was there. They spoke to me with their eyes and their heart, and although no words were ever actually spoken they were my favorite people to talk things over with. As We held them and cried into their fur our hearts were breaking and the pieces were leaving thru our tears. My friend was holding his paw and said “Don’t worry EZ, I promise I will take care of her”.
He looked into her eyes and slipped away… EZ & Riplee were my best friends and
I miss them every minute.

I feel a big hole in my heart.


With Love
Julie Nielsen-Adriansen