Fairway by Donna / Donna


There are no words to express how it has
broken my heart to let you go…

As I lay next to you in your bed, with
your head resting on my arm, I felt you
take your final breath – and I knew I
had lost a part of myself,
when I lost you.

Your love was unconditional.

Looking into your big brown eyes always
lifted my spirits and gave me comfort.

Thank you, my ‘Mushy’, for all the tail
wags, always being happy to see me, for
filling the void when I was lonely, and
for all the ways you expressed your never
ending love.

You will be forever in my heart… and
will always be, ‘my best puppy ever’.

Give Mommy a kiss for me…


I Love You, My 'Fair'...
17, June 2003