Shakespeare & Sonnet by Jessica / Jessie

Shakespeare and Sonnet,
It was a beautiful 17, and 15, years with you two, respectively. I was just eight years when you came into our lives, Shakespeare, and then a year later, Sonnet, you came. I rememeber how I used to play veterinarian with you, two. Now, I’m in the profession for real, and I still couldn’t save either of you. I’d give anything to be eight years old again.

You were so special. I miss you so much. My mom and I saw a lot of changes over the years, but throughout, you two were constant. Shakespeare, why did you have to die a week after I put Vegas to sleep? I don’t know how to handle so much death at once. No matter. Kiss Vegas for me.

I love you Shakespeare, and you too Sonnet. Have fun at Rainbow Bridge, playing, napping, no longer in your old, sick bodies. I will be there, too someday. If you bump into any of my fuzzy friends from the shelter, tell them I’m sorry.


Shakespeare & Sonnet
22, June 2003