Fatcat by Simone / Simone, Brad, Brooke and Jarrod

The first time I met Fatcat she was running along a gutter looking for food. It was close to where I worked and it was all industrial estate.
I would sometimes drop some ham near the gutter for her to eat or take some milk down for her.
She was just so beautiful and I could not help but want to care for her. I had the feeling she had been dumped as she was very affectionate.

After a few weeks I noticed she was becoming quite plump. She was pregnant and I knew she would not survive with her kittens in that area.
I decided to bring her home to my little one bedroom unit. There she had six beautiful kittens who I found homes for. It was not long before she
was pregnant again and I was going to keep a kitten for her but sadly she had trouble going into labor and they all passed.

The vet said there were ten. I then had her fixed so she would not been in any danger again. We were quite happy in our one bedroom place and I never felt lonely when I came home for work.

Eventually I met someone and married and later had twins (Brooke and Jarrod). Fatcat was always there and gentle with the them. If they pulled her tail she would just move away. Brooke and Jarrod loved her so much. It worked out I had got her when she was about four years and yesterday which makes her nearly sixteen, we lost her. You see we were on the way to take our children to swimming lessons and did not realize she was lying under the car. With age her hearing had become bad and alot more then we had realized and by the time the car went into reverse she was gone. We will always love her and she will always be in our hearts. Impossible to forget. Lately she was always wanting to be near our door step and I knew her time was near just not like this.

Fatcat we love you.


With Love,