July 29 1989 —- Feb. 7 2001

Shih – Tzu

I don’t know why I always called her mommy-dog.

She was never a mommy but I guess she was just so sweet

and gentle and smart like a mommy.

She was with me through so much pain divorce moving

my constant loving best friend and companion.

For a little girl she could snore so loud while she was sleeping

nestled next to my chin. It was such music to my ears!!!

I felt the need to state how very special she was and how

even after four months I miss her so much the tears are

now falling on the keyboard as I type.

Muffin was loved as much as any friend could be.

Cherish them while they are with you.

God sent them to you for a reason.

Spoil them hold them kiss their little round heads

and tell them you love them.

And pray you will see them again…..

Muffins Mommy