Fifi by Sheena Gosine / Sheena

To watch you slip away
is the worst thing I’ve ever seen
to know I could not save you
emptied my soul clean.

I cannot face that you are gone.
I sit here staring at the hurt
I try to be strong, I cannot
tried facing the dying fact, I cannot
I won’t accept it
You were my angel on earth.

The sea breeze hits
with it, it brings more weeping
Step back into my room
one last time
One more look maybe I’d be fine.

Goodbye is just what I cannot say
my love for you brings ambience
and the light never will diminish
I remember you always for you were
the first.

You won’t be forgotten, there will never
be a last.
My heart weary with grief today.
The tear ducts never dry.
They become filled over and over again.

The last look on your face was happiness
yet you had filled me with sadness.
You gasped for breath and lost my own.
You fought so hard even when your life
hung from the thread.

I knew you didn’t let go
I never will….
My angel you are
I love you forever
My grief is here.
but my happiness of having
you in my life will leave me


My tears will never dry
until I kiss you again.
I love you.

27, Aug 2003
Sheena Gosine