Five by Unanimous / Your Friend and owner who will always
hold yo

The Stars rolled on and
The Moon Was bright nothing
was heard, but the sound of
your yelps As I stood there
watching you be born and only
thinking nothing would part us
in this world except God who gave
you to me my sweet harlequin five.

As this moment faded and years rolled
on you where always a constant comfort
to me when I was crying you licked my
Tears, when my heart was broken or
discouraged you gave me love, When Felt
like life was to tough you gave me
strength to go on, When my days where
pressing in college and I came home
feeling tired you let me rest on you
you gave me hope and peace, When I felt
like I needed to jog a bit you where
There to say lets go I don’t care.
You where the best my Wonderful friend.

I lost you so fast, but had such a
Wonderful time together my sweet Dane!
You shouldn’t have gone, but I do look
forward to the day I meet up again
With you in heaven my friend.
Fairway my Sweet five
You where truly a gift from God.


With Passionate love ,
14, November 2004