Flash by Brian, Linda and Garrett Zimmerman / Brian, Linda and Garrett

I remember going to pick Flash up from the breeder. I was 7 months pregnant with our son. We thought getting a puppy right around the same time our son was to be born would be wonderful, teach the pup to be gentle with the baby and the baby to be nice to the dog. I worked wonderfully. The two of them grew up to be best friends. It really saddened me the day Flash died, for he died right in front of my son.

I asked my little boy yesterday afternoon how he felt about Flash dying, he said, “Mom, I know he’s happy in heaven. He’s playing with Grammie and with Dale Earnhardt” I guess kids have their own way of dealing with things. He’s just happy that Flash is in heaven and
that he died of old age, not being sick or hurt.


Sadly missed,
Brian, Linda and Garrett Zimmerman