Shannon by Barbara / Mommy

Light gold hair,loving brown eyes, caring personality. She accepted you no matter what you looked like, and loved all things.
For Shannon, I write this short story.

I followed my Mom around but loved to be with my Granddad, too. During the day I would lie by his side and we would keep each other company. However, when I saw my dear friend, Sire, I couldn’t sit still for long. I just had to go and play with him, maybe even nibble on him!

When I’d see my Mom pull up the drive from her day away, I would be so excited and bark and wag my tail. She was always so happy to see me, even thought was always tired when she arrived home.

I’ve seen so many things and been so many places. My friends have come and they’ve gone, but my time to go is coming soon. My Mother has another “daughter”, my “sister” Chuala. The little one, Taisha, has her companion, my “brother” Max. They will be well taken care of. I’m ready to go. It’s a good thing Taisha is not coming. She could never handle it. They say their farewells, then my Mom brings me to the doctor. The last thing I remember is looking up into her face. I’m happy it was only me and her at the end. I’ll always remember her because of it.


With love always,