Flash Dymkowski by Laura J Dymkowski / My best man

Someday wherever we go, we will be together, our lives together, not knowing when we will meet again.

Often I sit or sleep with you. Now you’re not there for me. You keep my heart warm and gently throught of my life. I sure do know u love me.

You have gotten my attention everyday. Sometimes I see and know when your heart beats each day. You have always sleep all day long.

We just spent our last time together You just gently sleep with me for last time. It’s like we were once again together and I was saying good bye to my deaf friend..I shall never forget you in my mind .. but I have no choice .. we just walk around the block everyday.

Your nose pick up the smell and likes to chase the rabbit you had full engegy at your young age, and I remember you had a good life. Forever in our life ..


With love,
Flash Dymkowski
6, June 2006
Laura J Dymkowski