Floppy {King Floppy} by Jessica & Chad

A Friend Forever

A friend is what I call you only memories and dreams now connect me to you.

All the time we spent together all the times you made me laugh that’s what counts now and forever those moments will last.

Every moment I think of you not here I break down in tears wishing I could hold you and make all your fears along with mine disappear.

A rabbit you were but you were my best friend. You will be my favorite bunny friend till the end.

And when me and Chad come to our end we will hope you lead us the way the way to the cabin in the woods where for eternity we may rest and live again forever and that way no one will ever leave again. Together forever and happier than we could ever be.

But until then I hope you will be a happy bunny and live the best after life a bunny could receive.

In loving Memory of the best friend and rabbit in the world. May your soul be free.



Jessica & Chad


Floppy {King Floppy}
1, July 2001
Jessica & Chad