Flower by Julia / Julia

I’m not sure if 1995 is Flo’s OFFICIAL birthdate. All we know is that she was born sometime during the 90’s.

When we adopted Flo in March of 2000, she was skin and bones; she had earmites and was never spayed. She was very lucky
to have been adopted by us.

She had a weird nasal passage, so she snored even if she was awake. Every time I would sit on the couch, she would sit below me and expect to be petted. She enjoyed licking my face, which was something that my other dog never did. She really grew on me for the past
seven years we had her.

In her younger days, she would go crazy whenever she caught the scent of a small rodent. She would just follow it without knowing where she was going. It was quite funny watching her.

A few days ago, she had muscle weakness in her legs from Cushing’s Disease, which made it impossible for her to walk. We decided to put her down, which saddened me deeply.

I don’t think anyone (besides my family, of course) loved me as much as Flo did. She was there when I needed company and she was always glad to see me. My house will be really quiet without her.


Rest in peace,