Fluffy by Emmie / Mommy, or Emmie

Well, Fluffy was 10 when he died. He had a best friend who is still alive and her name is Tweety. They were both parakeets. Fluffy had a miserable life. He was in a tiny, tiny cage. I never fed them, but my Mom said she did. Fluffy never had any toys, and I always ignored them. But one day, Fluffy died- and it’s a day I’ll never forget. I saw his body on the porch where my Father put it. He was so limp, and we do not know how we died because not a mark was on him. I love Fluffy now. I talk to him in my heart daily. Now, Tweety has many other birdie friends (8) and plenty of toys, a large cage, and fresh food and water. But Tweety still misses Fluffy. When Tweety dies, I will be happy and sad at the same time beause Tweety will be happy with Fluffy, but I will not get anymore snuggles and kisses from her anymore. She is a total snuggler! U call her Tweetle-Bug. But no matter what, tweety always will remember everything about Fluffy, the blue parakeet.Here’s a pic of Tweety (paste it into your browser:



With Love,