Fluffy by Lynn and P.J. / Mommy and Brother

We were led to Fluffy on Labor Day in 1997 at a very dark time in our lives. It was shortly after a tragic loss and we were so sad. I felt that my son needed to have a dog to help him through. What Fluffy gave in return to us far exceeded anything that I ever could have imagined.

We called him “our miracle” right from the start because with my asthma I am usually unable to tolerate being around animals, even poodles, for any length of time. I always said that the angels dropped him right from heaven especially for us because he did not bother my condition and we were able to have him. (My son loved to hear that story)

Fluffy brought us so much joy and love. He was always a good boy and rarely got in to mischief. He was very meek and mild. If he wanted to go in to another room that he didn’t normally go in to he would stop and wait to be told that it was okay. He was such a little gentleman. Fluffy was almost human-like in nature. He knew so many words that eventually we had to start spelling things so as not to upset him. When I sit at my desk I see him sitting in his favorite chair next to me. He would sit next to his brother and I while we each worked at our desks and throughout the day we would stop often to give him a kiss, a pat, or a cuddle. I can still see him running in from the other room as I called out, “Where is Mommy’s little boy?” He would stop whatever he was doing and run in to me with a look that said, “Here I am, Mommy. Did you want me?” I couldn’t help but pick him up and cuddle and kiss him. It was so precious. His brother called him Little Man or my favorite, Puddin’ and he loved him so dearly. He would often lie in his brother’s arms and fall asleep. He will forever be remembered.

He gave us so much more than we gave him. He helped to heal a little boy’s broken heart and we treasure all of the time that we had with him. Our hearts our heavy and he will be missed. He will forever be a part of us.

It is with immeasurable love and gratitude that we say,
Thank you, Fluffy, we will always love you, never to be forgotten.
Rest In Peace.
With Hearts Intertwined.
God Bless You Sweet Angel Boy.

Love, Mommy and Brother.


Angel Boy Fluffy,
8, Sep 2005
Lynn and P.J.