Foxy by Becky Benson / momma

This is my story of our little wonder Foxy. He came into our lives in the spring of 1997; for the next 10 years he filled up our hearts with love. I think I knew the end was near prior to him dying. I called our groomer and told her I would like to get Foxy all beautiful in case something were to happen to him. I took him there on 4-23-07 and left him there. As I left he was peeking at me through the gate. That evening when I brought him home he was okay. By supper time things had changed; he was breathing harder and I could see the death in his eyes. I got down on the floor and cried so hard. I told him not to leave me that I just loved him too much to see him go. Later on I relized how selfish I was to ask that of him knowing how hard it was getting for him. I told him, “Baby if you have to leave go because it was just too hard for him to breathe just to go to heaven.” By morning he was gone; he went in his sleep. That little dog was the best thing to come into my life and
nothing can replace him ever!!!


With a broken heart,
Becky Benson