Foxy Lady by Kathy


"Foxy Lady"

April 1 1994 ----- December 8 1999

Pomeranian Mix


You came into my life far too short a time ago

I watched you sleep and play and grow.


That you would be with me forever was what I was thinking,

That you would be taken from me so soon I had not an inkling.


How much you would come to mean to me I could have never guessed,

my child my best friend my companion even when you were being a pest!


It never failed to amaze me the love you showed for me.

The love you brought out in me I never knew I had the capacity!


When a storm came round and you buried yourself against me for protection,

rarely had I ever seen such a display of love and affection.


When I sit down to eat now all that I want so badly

is to see your eyes looking up at me so sadly


When I lie down to sleep is when it hurts the most now.

I know I have to get through this and I just don't know how.


What I wouldn't do now for even just one tiny kiss!

That's just one of the many things that I constantly miss.


How it used to make me laugh when you licked me all over my face!

How will I ever fill the void and the emptiness this huge empty space?


How do you say Good-Bye to your very best friend?

How to you go on with life when part of you wants it to end?


I Thank God that your pain is over and your up there having fun.

But how do I begin to deal with it when my pain has just begun?


There's nothing I can do my baby that will bring you back to me

But I wanted to do something that will show you will always be in my memory .


Thank you Dear Foxy for showing me how to love.

And I know your an Angel now flying up above.


Good Bye but only for now my Angel my sweet little baby...

Because I know that we'll be together again for eternity Foxy Lady!


Kathy aka Miss Tique


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Foxy Lady