Frankie by Connie McPherson / Your Mother Connie!

Frankie’s cat mother was rescued from the streets. She gave birth to a liter in which Frankie was in. He was the runt of the litter and the one people didnt want because he was hyper. What they refused to see was a caring, loving, hopefull and hyper cat. Frankie came to be my baby 10 years ago as a little cute kitten all puffy and round. The day that I got him I started to carry in around in my arms like a baby. There he would sleep and cuddle up for hours on end. When we would watch TV he would lay on my chest and fall alseep purring away.

He grew into a handsome cat full of mischief and love. He forgave everyone and loved most. He was a special cat for he was strong willed, not very vocal unless he wanted something and loved to purr at the smallest things. Frankie was scared of ceiling fans and we never figured out why. But anytime he was scared his mommy Connie would pick him up and he would start to purr and feel safe. Frankie and Connie had a close bond one in which they loved eachother without end and made each other feel safe in the worst times.

As the years flew by and the toilet paper he would tear up became less and less frankie grew more into an angelic Cat. Threw each year there wasnt a day when frankie wasnt cuddled by his mother or kissed by his mother. Frankie loved to be kissed on his eyes, forhead and on the little black circle on his back. Frankie also loved to cuddle into baskets of clean white clothes. Ten Years passed before frankie started to get sick. It wasnt known to frankies family until one day his mom noticed him looking listless and his breath smelling toxic. She got worried and took him to the vet, the day after taking him she gets a call saying that her beloved boy had Kidney Diease and that it was at the end stages. Frankies mom had to make a decision to have her precious darling suffer with IV’s or to allow him to go on without her hoping one day they will meet again.

On March 11’th 2007 she made the hardest decision of her life. She allowed her darling Frankie to cross the Rainbow Bridge hoping that he will be happy and well there.

Frankie cross that rainbow bridge but dont forget to remeber me. I will one day join you again and like we once were we will be bonded and together once more but this time it will never end.

You will forever me in my heart and I will forever remember you my Angelic Black and White Cat.


Chase the other cats, feel the wind and when I come to get you again we shall be one once more!
Connie McPherson