Fred {“Bowser”} by Brian Martin / With Loving Memories, Dad, Nathan, and Charlie

In the spring of 2002 our lives would change with the addition of Fred,affectionately known as Bowser, a furry curious little guy bound to set the world on fire.His appetite for adventure started at seven weeks when he took to his water dish like a bath tub, constantly splashing til it was empty. It was only the beginning of his love for water. Throughout his life, whenever the chance arose he was swimming, even to the point of jumping in after the bait cast while fishing. There was, however, one aspect of water he didn’t like and that was baths! But what boy does? His love for children was evident as he took his toys around the neighborhood challenging newcomers to see who could throw his ball the longest until they finally tired out. He would pick another “victim” and drop his ball at their feet. This would go on til every last kid gave it his best shot and he teasingly marched around in a show of triumph.

His talents were endless, from climbing the ladder and sliding down a slide to “wind surfing” as he proudly rode on the tool box on his pick-up. At times He even tested me when He would get up on the roof! When the fire whistle blew He always had to hurry and find me so he could sing to me… When I’d tell him what a pretty voice He had, He’d howl longer and louder! He was always eager to try something new. In no time at all He mastered the Frisbee and was especially excited when I’d bring His Kong (affectionately called His “bouncy”) out for a game of catch. I was always amazed at His concentration and dogged determination not to let it get away. Always putting forth a second effort, it was testimony to how hard he liked to play…His ultimate reward was relishing in the praise and applause that would follow…

Fred was patient, laying in wait literally hours for a treed squirrel to make his move. To lay under a tree for four hours was not a big deal to him cause he knew sooner or later that squirrel had to come down!

Fred knew the difference between a cow, buffalo, deer, horse or sheep as he spent thousands of miles riding in the front seat watching the world go by. And if the air conditioning wasn’t cool enough, he’d let you know with a glance from the vent to the controls!!! He loved to got to work on a daily basis and always kept clear of the heavy equipment by exploring for wildlife or chasing barn swallows back and forth across the fields. Fred’s travels took him to Montana, Minnesota, South Dakota,through Nebraska and Iowa, Missouri, Wyoming, Colorado, and all over his home state of North Dakota, and in the process, impressing those he met and making friends along the way,for he loved people to a fault, sometimes not knowing that his bold approach quite scared some. At times after I would intervene to smooth things over,he’d give me that strange wrinkled lip look like “I didn’t know?”

Another facet of Fred’s personality was to be mild-mannered. He was taught at an early age that it was ok to have a bone literally taken out of his mouth! For if by chance a child got into his “snack time” he would not feel threatened. Fred was also taught not to pee on tires, a form of “doggie respect”. On the flip side Fred could smell a legitimate threat and would stand his ground vigorously if need be. But for the most part liked to steer clear of controversy.

Almost daily Fred would visit Kieth at the elevator to “help out” in the warehouse or snuggle up by the heater in his office after a wage of jerky. He also made sure he got his share of brats on Customer Appreciation Day probably because he knew there would be lack of punishment! He was also very close to Ray who would take him on runs, fishing, or a drive in the country. Fred received comfort from his loneliness from Nikki and Craig while I was away at the hospital and had fun chasing the rabbits on their farm. He was taken in by the sweet talk and hugs and kisses from Leah and always managed to find the right strings to pull to get Doug’s dander up! Regular visits back and forth with Kim lead Fred to become very protective of her.(or was it the leftovers???)It is with these human acts of kindness that helped shape Fred into a trusting, happy dog which we reaped the benefits from and
cannot thank enough.

His Passion?(besides ham sandwiches?) RUNNING! 1 mile? pfft…2 miles? piece a cake… 3 miles? in his sleep!!!… 4 miles? any day…He was at his best WIDE OPEN,How he absolutely loved to run! His speed and stamina led to the undoing of more than one Jack Rabbit! A hundred yard head start and two miles wasn’t enough for one of them… He has amazed wittinesses by overtaking a Coyote only to want to play with that “puppy”! Sprayed once, he mastered the art of skunk control…
But at the end of any of his days he most loved to be close to us. Many times crawling up on our lap to be cuddled and pampered or jumping up on the couch and laying his head on my lap for a good scalp massage. And whenever it was time for bed, He’d make sure someone would see him beside his milk bowl waiting for a shot. All-too-human, he was the consummate pillow thief and bed hog who loved being a part of us and could never get close enough…

Tragedy struck,however on the evening of March 8th as he raced home to be with his family and was struck down in the absolute prime of his life by a train. After a shampoo and brushing, Fred was laid to rest in his bed and blanket with his bouncy,frisbee,his favorite balls, a photograph of his family, and Bacos, his favorite snack.He also took with him,five of the best years of our life…He leaves behind two six week old puppies; Charlie and Daisy, and our warmest memories…But he will be happy, for now he runs with Angels.


With us for a short time, with Jesus forever. You Run Fred..
Fred {"Bowser"}
Brian Martin