Frodo by Dominique / Love Always,


Frodo was a 4 month old kitten, He was black and white with some brown. I remember when I first saw him. Well I saw his brother first, I picked up Jerry (Frodo’s brother) and he didn’t seem so happy so I went for Frodo (Who’s name was Tom). He was a sweet kitten just looking around when I held him. Then my Mom asked to hold him, and I knew that he was the perfect kitten for me. After awhile we took him home. (Well to my brothers) and I had to put him in my room. He was scared but then I started to play with him. Then Eric came up and Frodo ran back under Jenna’s bed. Eric didn’t seem to like that. It took a few days for Frodo to get used to us and everything around him. But when he did get used
to us he was fine.

Everyone loved Frodo; they all had a different name for him, Jenna’s was “Puss”, Isa’s was “Lucky” and Eric and Dad’s was “Roy”, But he knew his name was Frodo :). He wasn’t a fat cat. He did eat alot, but we would also give him some of our food like some Ice Cream, Popsickles, well most of all, anything he smelled he would try and eat it.

He never liked being alone. If he was he would come and look for somebody. The only time he liked being alone was when he was sleeping. He also liked going under are sheets at night when we were sleeping. But a few times I would roll on to his leg or paw and I would wake up and say sorry, and go back to bed. I don’t think he really cared.

He also loved playing. One of his favorite games was Hide And Go Seek. How we would play. I would go behind a chair or a wall and peek out to see what he would do. I would do that a few times and every time I looked he would get closer and closer, and his pupils would get bigger and bigger. But when he would come around the corner and see me he would walk away. Then we would do it all over again.

He also had some toys he would play with by himself or with Jenna or I, (Isa and Jaila played with him also). He had a feather toy he loved. He would kick it and carry it around in his mouth and go put it into his kennel. It was the cutest thing, but when he was playing he was into it most of the time so if you would try and pet or touch him he would attack your hand, then you would have to push him away. Then you would get up when he was walking away with his ears down, then he would look back and run and attack your leg, but then he would start to lick you. But Frodo was the perfect kitten for me.

Name: Frodo Patrick Lee
Born: March 14th 2005-Oregon
Died: August 6th 2005-Longmont Colorado


We will miss you, and we love you.
6, Aug 2005