Furball by Kirsten Verster / Kirsten

How we miss you and mourn,

And I feel like life has no purpose at all; My heart is torn in two pieces,

I loved you so, Furball, We all did;

But now we have nothing, Furball,
Never again will we hear your bell collar jingle as you pass by, tail in the air,

Furball, you made me proud,
Gave me one pride,
You, That I raised you to be a loving cat,

Not sullen and forlorn, like the other cats I see,

Wanting nothing but sleep and no disturbance;

You were an adventurous cat, a cat of grace and dignity; now you lie peacefully in the grave, as ashes, and such questions erupt in my head that lie unanswered….

I dreamed this night that you were alive and digging about, as usual; and it was a happy dream; but when I wake up, and see you are not there, kneading your paws into my stomach, I cry….


With love,
24, Mar 2003
Kirsten Verster