G.I. Joe

May 25 1991 —— May 20 2000


An exciting life lay ahead for this little girl the day I

adopted her June 27 1992. Spoiled rotten from day one!

But that didn’t keep her from running away the first day.

My cat (Bully) charged out of the woods scaring her half to death

and off she ran fortunately she was found two days later hiding in a

neighbors hedges by MY HERO for life Jeff the garbage man.

From then on it was rides on the Harley which was one

of her favorite things to do. Boat rides all summer long.

She loved to just lie in the sun all day long.

She went everywhere with me. Bike runs restaurants bars the seashore,

beaches rivers camping hiking weddings you name it and

she has probably done it.

Although she was not a big fan of little kids she managed to make more

friends than myself. Her travels brought her many many places.

Another city another hand full of people that adored her.

For a Chihuahua she was very friendly and would sit on a strangers lap

for hours soaking up all the attention she could get.

People would tell me You better watch her if you turn your back for

a second I’m going to take her home with me. I didn’t have to worry,

she was never far from my side.

She loved me as much as I loved her And she never ever

wandered more than a few feet from me ever again.

She was a wonderful dog with more stories to tell than most

people I know. When she began to get sick we

still don’t know why.

She retired quietly from her active life about one year ago and

spent all of her time being pampered at home.

She never complained about the arthritis or pills well sometimes

the pills the Vet visits became frequent we tried all we could

(thank you Tim) but her little body could no longer work for her.

So we did what was best and put her to rest.

She touched the hearts of all that she met I don’t have to mention names

you all know who you are.

I’m going to say good-bye now (from) G.I Joe.

I will miss you all!!

Thank you and Love always

G.I Joe

(aka) Sweetie Knucklehead Chahooahooa

Stinky Chubby Little Girl Ole lady


all of the other names other

people have given her.



G.I. Joe