Gabriel by Mary E. Smith / Your Mom

Dear old fellow was thirteen years old, blind and his hearing was going, as well. His body was with many tumors and he moved ever so slowly.
He was with me for only three months. His master had died and left behind, twenty-two schnauzers. Poor old Gabriel was not considered adoptable and was headed for a shelter…or worse. I decided I would bring him into my home along with two of the younger
schnauzers from the group.

I also had a schnauzer and two Yorkies. Gabriel could not even wag his tail…but he would reach out and slowly lick my hand. He was most certainly saying “Thank you”.

Then came the dreaded day he could no longer stand up alone. I knew it was time. I placed him in a little white shawl and lay him on my bed and had some quiet time with him before taking him to our Vet. I lifted him gently in my arms, the same way I would cradle a baby. He never moved again from that position. I think he had finally resigned himself to his fate. Of course I stayed with him, holding him in my arms and speaking softly to him as the doctor administered his ‘sleepy shot’. He went away so quietly. Taking Gabriel into my heart and my home was
the best thing I ever did.

I still weep daily for him. I know I will see him again and he will be able to hear me call his name and will clearly see me. I believe in my heart of hearts, God has a place for the creatures He created. So until then… goodbye my angel dog. You are my special love.


You arer truly a Valentine.
Mary E. Smith