Gail by Meredith Small / Mommy


Your little face was always smiling,
And you were always happy.
I loved the way that you would chirp,
When you wanted something.
I know that in the end,
The struggle became to hard for you,
And your little body couldn’t keep up.
But I’m glad you lived a happy life,
And didn’t have to know what pain was.
Sometimes I feel guilty when I complained about cleaning out your cage,
Or doing something I didn’t feel like doing for you.
But I hope you know,
From the bottom of my heart,
It was all worth it.
The precious time I spent with you,
Could not have been spent any better.

I hope you know that me, Daddy, Buffiey and Toby, Tori, and everyone else who has ever met you loves you, and that we think about you all the time.


God Bless You,
26, May 2007
Meredith Small