Garfield by Ronda Weaver / Mommy and Boo

Garfield I Will Never Forget You
This is my hearts desire;
To tell everyone about a wonderful
pet and friend of mine who died;
He was a very special cat to me;

No better friend or companion could ever be.
His life on this earth wasn’t that long.
He was my loving friend, he made me laugh
and made me smile, in my heart he put a song.
And the loss of him is breaking my heart.

The cute way he played and the way he meowed,
it sounded as if he said I love you.
I still can’t believe he is gone,
there is no more laughter no more smiles,
no more song.
I know he is now out of pain,

He suffers no more.
He will never be forgotten,
IN my heart he will stay;
Jesus take care of my Garfield,
And I know I will see him again someday.

Ronda Janel Weaver

Copyright ©2006 Ronda Janel Weaver


Forever in my heart,
5, Feb 2006
Ronda Weaver