Ginger by Adaline


" Ginger "

July 25 1985 ---- Sept. 8 1999

Yellow Labrador Retriever

All Dogs Go To Heaven


My Ginger is in Heaven.

You ask me how I know?

The Joy that comes from ALL our pets

Makes Heaven all aglow.


And much to my delight-

How pleasant was my special friend,

With love and patience

She was always there at each day's end.


And though when I depart this world,

My family I will hate to leave.

But to know my Ginger awaits for me

Will be my sweet reprieve.


The journey will be frightening

But up ahead I'll see

Standing proudly,swishing tail,

My dog awaits for me.


All dogs go to Heaven.

For surely I can see

Big soft paws and sparkling eyes

In clouds ahead of me.