Ginger by Alicia / Mommy

First, I would like to say that many people think that fish are dumb, and uncaring pets. That is not true. My fish Ginger was the most loving fish ever! When my parents would be arguing he would always comfort me. You may not believe that but it’s true. He was my baby. My mom’s allergic to all animals except fish, so that’s the
only type of pet I’ve ever had.

Ginger was the best fish ever. One night my Mom heard my crying. She came in really worried and wanted to know what was wrong. I was scared to death. Ginger was laying in the bottom of his tank barely moving. My parents knew how much he meant to me. My dad went on the computer to try and find out what was wrong with him. It turned out that he had dropsy. My dad took me to the pet store to try and find a medicine for him. We found it and put some in his tank every day.

Soon he was all better. We got him a new tank and everything. Every day I would rush home to see how he was doing. Then he started showing signs of being sick again. Three days after we put him
in the new tank he died.

He is now buried in the back yard with my old fish Bubbles. Some people say fish don’t have feelings, but they are as wrong as it is possible to be. Because Ginger loved me, and I will never forget. A month ago my sister Jodie committed suicide. I wished that Ginger would be there to comfort me. I wished that he would see my tears and come over to me like he used to. But then I realized that he is there to comfort me and always will be.


I will never forget you, Ginger,
and I will love you always.