Ginger by Christine Domjan / Mum and Dad

Ginger lived for nearly 16 years. She died of liver failure. She Licked me before being put to sleep.

Ginger was a noisy girl who when Patch was alive would bark continuously while Patch played with the basketball as part of being a cheerleader.

When Patch Died I had to keep borrowing the neighbours dog Lucy to keep her company as she had never been alone while I was out for a half day.
The umpiring continued.

Within a week we bought a puppy Buffy and Ginger loved her, trained her, barked orders at her. She was in charge of her pup. She was back in her element by umpiring games the pup played outside and encouraged Buffy to do the right thing all the time or Ginger would tell her off in front of any person.

When I was sick she came to me checked me out then went and barked at Peter my husband to come and if he didn’t she wouldn’t stop until he came as she was going back to me then him to give him the message.

When I fell, Ginger would just sit next to me and lick my face to encourage me and give me comfort and go and get Peter if he was home. She sat for hours until Peter came home. Then told him to come and ordered him to me.

At meal times 5.30pm barking started until she got her meal then again at 10.30 for her chicken wings.

She was so deeply loved by all visitors and so caring. I miss her greatly. She was an Angel with care to spare. We gave the care back when she needed it.


With all my love and care
Christine Domjan